A well-known strategy followed by enterprises of all sizes has been to embrace
outsourcing their business processes letting a third-party entity manage their
business acumen. It is often cost-effective and convenient to outsource some of
the work and has been known to be a great strategy. However, problems start
surfacing when the incoming team realizes the gap in their understanding of tribal
knowledge elements that conveniently escaped the documentation process.
Success of an outsourcing program depends on how well the transfer of
knowledge is executed between the incumbent team and the incoming team.

It is in the best interest of any organization’s success especially when trying to
outsource is to capture as much of the business intelligence as possible,
document it appropriately and enable the transition of information to the new
workforce coming in. It is easier said than done with preserving this valuable
knowledge especially since most of the times these pieces of information are tacit
or invisible.

Organizations have attempted to build an effective knowledge base although the
success rate has been quite low due to lack of sustained focus as business
priorities take over and of course there is difficulty in defining and gathering the
knowledge from various sources in the organization.
Technology is making it possible to build systems that can be used to transition
information to anyone seeking the knowledge and develop insights. Machine
learning and natural language processing techniques enable data collection and
information gathering from various sources and relate them in a meaningful way.
This enables business users gain intelligence insights towards effective decision
making beyond traditional knowledge management solutions.
Sevantiz is an emerging provider of conversational AI based solution that collects
all institutional wisdom and connects the information seeker to the data being
sought. Sevantiz’s FLOCKWISE.AI is built for business to evolve to be more
collaborative in a highly digital workplace, and has been a key part of helping
businesses to survive in the crisis of our lifetimes. To learn more about how
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immediate advantage and gain faster ROI, how the retained tribal knowledge can
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