Current IoT Challenges

  • IoT is increasingly emerging as a driver of our daily lives – from apps to devices, at home, on person or at work. The jargon is often inappropriately used – intelligent, autonomous, artificial learning, machine learning
  • It is confusing with all the moving parts. Protocols – radios, platforms, infrastructure, WiFi, LoRA, Sigfox, cellular. What sensors? Should I wait for 5g? Do I need to upgrade my facility? And so on… .
  • Focus on the business challenge. If I had better visibility in my supply chain would it reduce my cost, increase my customer satisfaction, and increase my revenue?
  • At Sevantis our approach is to understand the business the problem first and utilizing our expertise, bring you a cost effective solution.

Make Invisible Visible

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We are trusted Digital Experts – independent, experienced, objective, and candid – to digitize your supply chain…. Leveraging emerging and established technologies to deliver business value.

 We have successfully digitized and deployed 5000+ assets in 25+ successful Digital supply Chain engagements across a wide variety of sectors.

 We are unconventional in our viewpoints and how we engage with our customers

IoT Automation Values

The Industrial Internet will enable the capture of significant value – of which operation efficiency is only a small part.

Strategic Approach


  • Enabling third parties to create information services
  • Flexible production techniques to boost productivity
  • Computerize repative tasks and workflows
  • Teaming Services as R & D for products
  • Data to work as digital service for equipment performance
  • Reduce costs of energy maintenance repair etc.
  • Locking customers into the information services
  • Gain opportunities to create customer touch points
  • Improved supply chain and logistics performance
  • Sensors analytics and real time data for insights
  • Avoiding unnecessary product shutdown

IoT Automation ROI

The impact of the industrial internet is transformational

The two most transformational impact of the industrial internet will be the emergence of outcome economy and the tight integration digital and human labor